Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking For Cheap jewelry essentials?

So im obsessed with Forever21 and these are part of the weekly new arrivals!
First the nautical earrings or F21 named :Patriot Loop Earrings for only $4.80.
The statement Elephant Top Ring for only ridiculous $2.80 and it comes in silver and gold!.
The must-have (really cuz everyone should own some faux pearls)Layered Faux Pearl Necklace for $6.80 and it comes in cream, peach and grey!
And last but definitely not least...ok ok iknow this is not jewelry but i couldnt help posting it!!Pyramid Leatherette Headbandfor only $4.80 and it comes with gold studs or silver studs... i want, love and need BOTH!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some of my Favorite Looks

Hervé Léger spring 2010

Hervé léger is one of my favorite designers and i just loved all the spring 10 collection haah i couldn't pick any favorites on the collection..he is amazing and those dresses are so classy yet they accentuate all the assets on a women's body (without looking trashy... that is something bizarre haha!!).. i love, want and need one of those dresses!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes: A Novel (P.S.) Eleven Minutes: A Novel by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
this book shocked me, apart that is a very "graphic" book it talks about love and about life so raw that i just couldn't let the book down...its and "adult book" and this is not my genre, im more of a "young adult" book reader but since Maky recommended it to me and lend it to me too(thanks honey!)i just gave it a try and now this is one of the best and interesting books i've ever read.. althought sometimes i just wanted to kill the protagonist for beings such an ass haha!

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OPI for Alice in Wonderland

So i went with one of my Bf maky and her family to watch "The Princess and the Frog" if you ask me it was a pretty decent movie.. ahhh who am I fooling? i really like it! not one of my favorites but it was good.. anyways before the movie started we watch some trailers of movies that are gonna come out soon.. and one that totally got my full attention was "Alice in Wonderland" from one of the coolest directors ever Tim Burton. I definitely im going to watch that movie!... well looking around searching when the movie was going to come out in my country i found this!!!
Everyone knows OPI is like the best nail polish ever!! and has a wide variety of amazing colors...i cant decide which of the 4 is my favorite but im between "mad as a hatter" and "absolutely alice"...which one do you like the most?

Off with Her Red! – A glowing, empowering hot red
The Red Queen: Cruel ruler of Underland, she cuts off the heads of those who disagree with her. She would rather be feared than loved.

Absolutely Alice - An absolutely amazing blue glitter
Alice Kingsley: Beautiful but slightly off-kilter, sees the world differently than most. In the Rabbit Hole, she seeks to write her own destiny.

Mad as a Hatter – A madly marvelous black-multi glitter
The Mad Hatter: Formerly the White Queen’s hatter. Now, he is part of the Underland Resistance and driven to madness by guilt.

Thanks So Muchness! - For this ”much-have” red shimmer
And lastly…; As if the tale was not adventurous enough, one more shade to color your own Underland over and over.
Off With Her Red!, Absolutely Alice, Mad as a Hatter, and Thanks So Muchness!

☠Rocker chicks love skulls!☠

So i was in Polyvore checking out how much an Alexander Wang's skull scarf cost just because ever since i saw it i just fell in love with it! but anyways i would never spend $260 dollars on it mostly because.. Wake up Laura haha! i live in a very hot city that temperature is like about 35 celcius...not forgetting the fact that people will look at me as if i was super crazy because come on you guys.. a scarf? in barranquilla? HA! .. but let me dream plz.. anyways i just figure i could use it as a bandana o maybe rapped it around my much motorcycle-dude type? huh? well i just love TayTay Momsen...i also need ASAP that liquid eye liner cuz here in my city i haven't found one like those that look like a marker, i've try with the normal ones but let me inform you that maybe i could have juvenile Parkinson syndrome hahaha...and last but not least.. that awesome skull ring!!aahhh *sight* what an amazing rocker ring! haha no body is gonna mess with me with that ring! so WATCH IT!;P