Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Perfect Summer Outfit Featuring White Dress

Summer is here and I’ve got for you guys a foolproof outfit that would look great and make you feel confident no matter where you go. 

Starting with a super trendy white dress, this piece has a beautiful floral embroidered top while the bottom splits in halve in order to show a mini skirt. Then, we have this gorgeous maxi dress red that fits beautiful and will definitely catch some stares. love the polka dotted motif.

Floral Patches Maxi Beach Dress

Lovely dress with a flattering neckline that will emphasize your chest with a rose embroiled motif.

Polka Dot Off Shoulder Cropped Top And Maxi Skirt

Beautiful classy maxi that will look amazing no matter where. If you are feeling too hot (Cause whats summer without extreme heat???)you can always tie a knot to the front part thanks to those high slits!.

Then for more casual days, this  stripe dress, which is done in a classy periwinkle and cream strip motive that you can wear anytime to go to the beach, grocery shopping or just a nice date with bae or your friends. I also love this burnt orange bikini set, because of after all, what is summer without bikinis? This color will look amazing on every skin tone and the silhouette is extremely flattering for every body type.

Striped Front Knot Cutout Cami Dress

Beautiful Cut out dress that has the look of Reformation style without having to break your bank for it. Extremely flattering silhoutte and perfect for any ocassion.

U Neck Bralette Thong Bikini Set

Great pick to show off your curves in this cheeky two piece bikini! The have an amazing array or colors to pick from, however the burnt orange is definitely my favorite to pai with a tan skin.

Match this two with these accessories:

Faux Leather Chunky Heel Scalloped Slippers

These sandals are great for girls like me that love the in between heel, that still want that little confidence oomph with extra inches of height but don't wanna commit to the possibility of having blisters and walking like a penguin home after all day with 6 inches heels on.

Tassels Weaving Striped Shoulder Bag

Lovely soulder bag suitable for the weekend. Great to put your sunnies, a towel and go to the beach or just for a stroll around the city. After all, straw bags and summer go hand in hand.

And at last but definitely not least, a stylish pair of sunglasses because who else is going to protect your soul windoes from the UV rays?... or conceal those undereye designer bag circles?

Summer! I am ready for the heat, the laughs, the beach and the pina coladas! Come At Me!! What's your favorite Go-To Summer Outfit?

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Friday, March 30, 2012

PokeNails. Gotta Catch them all!

So lately Ive been wanting do to this on my nails, I felt like wanting something a bit difficult and this ones I just love because well, I had a fun childhood that included a lot of pokemon.
I know I know, the circles aren't perfect , AT ALL and sadly I have no dotting tools to make them perfect but until I get them I will have to improvise and do them the best I can.
This nails design show how much of a nerd I am and at school they were a huge success, everyone loved them and it was soo funny because they asked me to show them my nails and like up close they don't look as well like from afar because of the crazy circles but still good enough. My guy friends where obsessed with them so girls perhaps if your crush has a poke-childhood then this could definitely win you some points!
What do you think about my nails at the moments/ too quirky for you?

Guess Who's Back!

..Back again, Laura's back!...tell a friend!
So finally after more than a year, almost 2, Im back, my excuse? well I'm an International Baccalaureate candidate for the diploma, if you know what this means then I love you, ig you dont, well its like doing the AP in 6 subjects plus so many other stuff. So lets update for a bit ok? well Ill be graduating in about 2 months finally! yay, I want to study in Australia or in the USA fashion design and Illustration. I got a new camera so Ill finally be apple to show you guys more about my life. I've got a tumblr which is www.ohsolaura.tumblr.com if you want to follow me, I follow back ;), My style evolved, I'm more into grunge how ever I still have some of my old style in me. Here are some pics about my doings while I was gone.

I'm back now and I missed you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Daisy Lowe

Well im picking her as one of my favorite It girls.. she is different and i love her, she dares to do anything and has chameleon style.. i mean she can go from wearing a miu miu skirt to wearing Dr. martens (which im loving right now).. she is very eclectic and although she is just 21 years old she began modeling at age of 2. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer/songwriter turned textile and fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale.

Friday, June 18, 2010

FEEDBACK and summer playlist

Im sooo sorry people that i haven't updated my blog since like 2 weeks now.. things had been pretty upside down lately.. well lets start with the good and amazing things that have happened..
so.. i enrolled a sewing class (wohooo!) with a pal from school and I am very excited! although since im starting its exhausting and i end tired .. but anyways this means i will soon be able to make my own little fashion line company so.. YEI!! .. also a very good news that i guess you've figured out is that its summer!! so yeah pretty much tanning with best friends and gossiping while wearing are hot bikinis and sun hats.. so bring on the towel, cut off shorts and flip flops baby!! and lately i-ve been super comfortable in my own skin.. and that really makes me happy and it gives me strength to keep going on and push my dreams and ambitions to a further place :)

Now.. the down things... so my bestie is out of town and ive been dying to talk to here about some serious stuff which i need her advise and support .. i really cant wait anymore till im a senior and graduate.. just wanna leave and grow on my own..

well guys i promise you tomorrow ill bring a post with "eyecandy" but for today ill post a summer playlist..i really hope you like it!

1. I Like It - Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull youtube
2- Gettin' Over You - David Guetta & Chris Willis ft Fergie & LMFAO youtube
3. Summerboy - Lady GaGa youtube
4. Summer Hair = Forever Young - The Academy Is... youtube
5.Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)- Shakira youtube
6. Stays Four the Same - The Ready Set youtube
7. Shark in the Water - V V Brown youtube
8. Dynamite - Taio Cruz youtube
9. Dancing around The Truth - The Stunners youtube
10.Keep It Goin' Louder - Major Lazer ft. Nina Sky, Ricky Blaze youtube

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Pointy Cat Eye Shades

So we have spotted Lady gaga wearing Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang's glasses. To my opinion they are stunning! BUT all the collection is up for $325 to $365 a pair...I don't know about you guys but I don't have that amount of money to spend on a pair of glasses( no matter how cool they are)... so because it IS summer I mean shades are a must! so Im going to show you guys were to get this style without hurting your piggy bank;)

But here are the look-a-likes!

2. Wingtip Pointed Sun glasses tortoise $14.80
3. Wingtip Pointed Sun glasses in Gold $18.80
6.ASOS Pointy Cat Sunglasses $16.91

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Style Trend: High Waisted Vintage Shorts

Ok so I'm is this phase of life where i dont want lo look sexy.. I want to look classy and stylish.. and by "sexy" i mean wearing something tight .. i dont know.. i just want to wear cloth that feels loose and awesomely classy and what a better way to still show legs( I mean it is summer after all and you still look amazing.. just not skanky) than high waisted vintage shorts?.. ohh . i was forgetting.. beware because if you have big hips or thighs you would look even bigger son try staying away from them bacause they will accentuate your beautiful curves;)
so here are the amazing eyecandy i found in one of my favorite webpages evaaaah!!! LookBook
the first one is my favorite look!!

So you see the different possibilities you can get this look! bright it up with colors such as blue, red, orange, aqua,purple.. i dont know.. there are a lot of colors you can choose from! and materials.. look the leather one!! mazing don't you think so?.. and you look soo stylish and soo classy, i mean you can wear heels with shorts and look elegant! I'm definitely buying a pair of this shorts soon!Let me guess, you want to get them too? okay so here are the best deals!!

and my favorite shop for shorts (and basically everything!) is .. drumroll plz...
here are my favorite Zara high waisted shorts!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ASOS doing Sass and Bide "inspired"

Well yeah i know, i shouldn't call that inspired since are almost the same! I love Sass and Bide but for some unknown my purse hates them and the embellished everything so this are a good option to an budget-friendly person like me.. haha but what else can I say instead of showing you guys!! Here at the pictures
ASOS Metal Embellished Multi Cross Back Bodycon Top(left) for $101.45ASOS Premium Embellished Beach Kaftan In The Style Of Rhianna(right) for $$59.18

    ASOS BLACK Tribal Metal Work Shift Dress for $304.36

    So what do you say about this pretty little babies?

      Saturday, May 22, 2010

      Jeffrey Campbell

      I've been dying to do a post about Jeffrey Campbell. he amazes me .. i think he is a genius! If i could, i would buy every single shoe in every single color available! In case you've wandered about how this brand started and more, here is the bio i found in Jeffrey Campbell Webpage

      JEFFREY CAMPBELL, now in it’s ninth year of existence, is proud to be one of the most sought after brands in today’s competitive shoe market. Based in LA, and headed up by a small team of dedicated staff, coupled with several members of the CAMPBELL family—Team Jeffrey Campbell is proud to bring to you the best styles, amazing prices, tons of limited edition goods and FUN shoes, season after season.

      Since launching the line in 2000 inside his garage, Campbell has slowly morphed the collection into a brand of genius. He and his team continue to dazzle the market with fashionista faves, including: conceptual vintage recreations, reworked runway looks, revamped and re-amped current must-have trends, alongside his continual best selling ballet flats and boots.

      For fall 2009 Jeffrey Campbell is facing the financial crunch directly in the eye—and giving the people a reason to shop again. The collection features reclaimed distressed leathers, “crazy-town” heels, over-embellished classics, menswear inspirations, and of course, recession fighting over-the-knee boots at every heel capacity. In an economy where not everyone is finding themselves with their dream job, Jeffrey Campbell is simply challenging you to “WORK.”

      As per always, Jeffrey offers a huge selection each season, literally serving up something for nearly everyone, regardless of style, region or fashion need. Jeffrey Campbell styles are mostly found at the best boutiques and specialty shops nationwide. The brand is currently growing distribution in Europe and for many years now has enjoyed great placement in Canada, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Jeffrey Campbell’s current HQ is still located in LA, and he also operates offices out of NYC and SPAIN. For questions about the brand or sales, contact Ty@jeffreycampbellshoes.com . It is our belief that we also have the best clients in the industry, thank you for supporting our line and our shoes for nearly ten years! CHEERS.

      Now the eyecandy part!!(i did this collage;)
      Which one is your favorite? haha i know its a dificult answer but try to pick just one! right now my favorite is the SPLENDID one.. fallowed by Tick and Charli

      Thursday, May 20, 2010

      Couturious entry

      HEY guys uhm i just enter for couturious contest and this is y entry.. basically its what i wopuld wear to go to eat to a cool restaurant or something in my city because as Ive said 15,065,413 times before, the temperature its soooo high! i mean seriously you can get sunburns if you stay mora than 15 minutes in the sun, although at night isnt so bad since everywhere we go hasta AC(thank goodness!) please vote for me and my entry because it would mean so much to me! thanks! i will bring my own DIY soon when I have time because I am in finals but just to give you a hint.. its a bib and I love roses so mix that up!!